In the ROC has advised against “kill zombies” in the temples

Leonid Kalinin

In any public place, including in the Church, we need to behave appropriately — catching pokemon or “zombie killing” there is invalid. On Wednesday, August 30, said in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” a member of the Patriarchal Council for culture of the Russian Orthodox Church, rector of the Church of the Holy Martyr Clement, Leonid Kalinin.

According to him, such actions in churches say anything about the mental illness of a person, or about the “special arrogance, outrageous”. “I would advise such people if they are bold, then go to the mosque, for example. There would have ended their days and these experiences,” said Kalinin.

The Abbot stated that he does not sacrifice justice blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky, who was convicted after catching the pokemon in the Ekaterinburg temple. “This man received a very lenient punishment for the shameless, ugly statements, malice, which he sowed in the society”, — he stressed.

Kalinin added that society has to protect itself from such phenomena. “A person should enter the temple with faith, reverence and fear of God. Those who will try to kill us zombies, we will show that we also have the power to resist such things,” he concluded.

August 29 the Finnish Studio Next Games has announced the release of mobile game with augmented reality The Walking Dead: Our World for the TV series “the Walking dead”, reports The Verge. Its principle of operation is similar with the games: zombies will appear on the smartphone screen on the background objects from the real world. When the game is released, is not specified.