In St. Petersburg, a child with HIV had died due to the failure of Christian parents to treat him

In Saint-Petersburg on 27 August died of an HIV-infected child whose parents refused to treat him for religious reasons. Reported AIDS.The CENTER, citing an anonymous activist. Also information about the child’s death was confirmed, the chief freelance specialist on diagnostics and treatment of HIV-infections of Ministry of health Evgenie Voronin.

The child was in the Centre of the fight against AIDS, but his parents argued that he is healthy and needs no medication. One of the planned tests refuted these arguments by proving that the viral load reached a critical value, but the parents continued to refuse treatment.

In 2016, the court made the decision for hospitalization, and after a course of intensive therapy, according to the source of AIDS.Center, the child returned to normal and was returned to the family. Parents again stopped giving him the pills that led to death.

The appeals of the activists to the Prosecutor’s office to intervene did not help.

In July, the court in Tyumen closed the criminal case against a local resident, who refused to treat his daughter’s HIV infection, because of which she died. The case was terminated in connection with reconciliation of the defendant with her husband, who was considered the legal representative of the deceased girls. According to prosecutors, the mother was treating the daughter, because he believed HIV fiction.