In new York destroyed a monument to Columbus

Vandals damaged the statue of the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus in the new York city Park the city of Yonkers, reports channel News 12.

Statue size 60 cm made of gypsum, was shot down off the pedestal and shattered. The front part of the sculpture was discovered at the base of the monument, and the back on the top of the hill.

According to locals, the statue was attacked by vandals on Saturday evening, August 26.

According to police Commissioner Charles Gardner, the statue probably destroyed by the children. However, it is planned to conduct a thorough investigation.

The original bronze statue of Columbus was stolen 12 years ago.

In recent weeks a number of community groups in the United States are fighting for the demolition of monuments to leaders of the Confederation of the southern States during the civil war. The most violent confrontation occurred in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia. Protest against demolition of the monument to General Robert E. Lee turned into the riots, which injured 15 people. Later on the March against the far-right rally car at high speed drove into a crowd that resulted in the deaths of women, another 19 people were injured.

Opponents perpetuate the memory of Columbus believe that the discovery of America led to the extermination of its indigenous people, as well as to the flourishing of the slave trade, which killed millions of Africans.