Imitate the football stars young Chelyabinsk has got drunk

Players of the youth football team got drunk to unconsciousness in one of the Chelyabinsk yards. The story about this came out in the program “Emergency” on NTV.

Passersby found several young athletes lying on the ground at the Playground. The feet could stand only 13-year-old goalkeeper Valerie, trying to convince others that he and his teammates went in. At a place called the ambulance, doctors diagnosed suffered severe alcohol poisoning and brought them to life.

The next morning it was found that the children drank vodka. As told to Valerie, the alcohol in their request bought a man. “All drank. Little by little-little by little. We had a “Tarragon”. Then in your jumperoo swayed suffered. And then I fell asleep and we were woken by the doctors,” — says the boy.

Mother’s goalkeeper said he wanted to feel like a footballer. NTV adds that the company was impressed with the video from last year’s party with hookahs and champagne at the Monte Carlo, which had seen Russian players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev.

Children interviewed by the inspectors on Affairs of minors. Parents of young players drawn up.