From the military warehouses in Israel, kidnapped 15 thousand rounds

From one of the warehouses of the Israel defense forces (IDF), located in the South of the country, unknown stole more than 15 thousand rounds of 5.56 mm semi-automatic rifles. It is reported by Walla.

The theft was committed at night on August 30. Attackers managed to break through the wall of the vault and make the boxes with ammunition, which was taken on several cars. Guarding the warehouse guards had noticed nothing.

According to the publication The jerusalem Post, this is the third this year case of theft of army property from the warehouse. In may, a base in southern Israel was stolen 33 auto M16. The thieves were detained, but the military managed to return only part of the stolen weapons.

Press Secretary of the IDF General Ronen, Manelis, said that this incident is very serious because the weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists and be used during their attacks.

On 14 July, three armed Palestinians opened fire on a police patrol, killing two of them, and then tried to take refuge in the territory of al-Aqsa mosque, where they were shot by the guards.