A single day of voting — 2017: Saratov region

Inhabitants of the Saratov region Governor will choose from four candidates

© Valentina Brygalina/TASS

The electoral Commission of the Saratov region has registered four candidates for the position of head of the region. They include the acting Governor and candidate of the “United Russia” Valery Radaev. He leads the region in 2012, and shortly before the expiration of the term resigned to participate in elections.

To compete with him will be former Deputy of the state Duma and Secretary of the Saratov regional Committee of the Communist Olga Alimov, the Deputy of the city Council of the Engels, the entrepreneur Stanislav Denisenko from LDPR, and also the chief engineer Lydia parinova from “Patriots of Russia”.

Transport for the investor

According to political scientist and Vice-Chairman of the public chamber Dmitry Oleynik, one of the main problems of Saratov is inadequate transport infrastructure: no fast train connection to Moscow, a small outdated airport to the city center. All this makes it difficult to attract city investors and tourists.