USA cannot: Pushkov said Volker threats to isolate Russia


RIA Novosti

Experience shows that the US fails to isolate Russia, the Senator said Alexei Pushkov, responding to the words of the special representative of the United States Ukraine, Kurt Volker about the possible international implications of Moscow due to “freezing” the situation in the Donbass.

“Russia will not be” thrown out of the system of diplomatic and economic relations.” Volker needlessly frightens us. The experience of Obama showed that the United States is not” , — he wrote on his Twitter page.

Pushkov also said that the US special envoy for Ukraine “is on the side of Kiev” and can’t understand that you can’t isolate Russia.

Another fantasy

A member of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Sergei Zheleznyak also said that threats Volcker is unworkable, and called them fantasy.

“The Volcker forecasts about Russia’s isolation from the international community look another fantasy. This is just a new attempt of pressure and imposing their opinions on others. In fact, already in the modern multipolar world, Russia is, by definition, cannot be isolated because of the morbid jealousy of Washington. US policy towards Russia and many other countries is not supported in most of the world and only complicates the foreign policy actions of America,” — said Zhelezniak.

He stressed that Russia is an important player on the world stage and to resolve major international crises without its participation impossible. “I am convinced that common sense must prevail in resolving any foreign policy issues, despite their complexity and inconsistency. Otherwise, the world will continue to slide into a new round of confrontation” , — said the politician.

The deteriorating situation in the Donbass, iron ore is tied exclusively with non-compliance Kiev Minsk agreements.

Expert opinion

A political scientist, Higher school of Economics Andrei Suzdaltsev, commenting on the statement Volcker, said that the main US goal in the Ukrainian crisis is strengthening the authority and improving the ranking of trump in the country.

“The U.S. administration is actively looking for any reason to progress in the international arena, small victories. Is it necessary, given that the rating (U.S. President) Donald trump, which rose slightly during the warlike rhetoric against the DPRK, continues to fall. They continue to look for points on the map where it is possible to show themselves” , — he said.

“Freeze” the conflict in the Donbass

Earlier in an interview with the Financial Times, Volcker said that Russia is trying to “freeze” the conflict in the Donbass, which will lead to serious political consequences. He also stressed that the Ukrainian crisis has a negative impact on Russian-American relations, which “will limp along” until the problem is resolved.

“Relations between Russia and the US are important, but the Ukrainian issue will continue to harm them,” added Walker.

The supply of weapons to Ukraine

Walker also raised the issue of supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine. He said that Washington is “seriously discussing” such military assistance to Kiev. Earlier plans to supply weapons to Kiev also said the Pentagon chief James Mattis.

“We see through what difficulties is your country, and we intend to strengthen relationships at the strategic level for the benefit of the Ukrainian people and to maintain peace and stability,” he said during his visit to Kiev.

He also promised to inform the President of the United States trump about the situation in the country to give him the necessary recommendations.

“I’ll be right back, though, I’ll see what I learned, I will certainly inform the country’s leadership about some very specific things that I will recommend for implementation,” added Mattis.

Russia has repeatedly opposed plans to supply arms to Ukraine, fearing escalation of the conflict in the Donbass. Against sending weapons to Ukraine favors and many European politicians. Thus, the ex-foreign Minister of Germany, former Chairman of the OSCE, the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier said earlier that the supply of weapons to Ukraine are very risky and counterproductive way out of the crisis.

To abandon nuclear weapons

Speaking about the problems in the security sector of Ukraine, Volcker also said that Ukraine’s decision to renounce nuclear weapons was correct and has warned Kiev against attempts to resume nuclear program.

“If Ukraine joined the countries that have renounced nuclear weapons, this would not be a good solution. I don’t think nuclear weapons would be something positive for Ukraine” , — he said.

Ukraine inherited a substantial nuclear Arsenal after the Soviet collapse, but in the future, Kiev joined the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and destroyed on their territory all nuclear weapons, and in accordance with the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 signed by Ukraine, Russia, the United States and Britain, the nuclear powers guaranteed Ukraine’s security.