The source said on the condition of the downed Kemerovo Prosecutor child

Shot down by the Prosecutor in Kemerovo the child is in a critical condition. About it RIA Novosti said a source in the hospital.

“He’s not in intensive care. Doctors provide all necessary assistance”, — he said.

Previously, on 30 August it was reported that on one of the roads in the Mining region of Kemerovo was hit by a car seven years old. Behind the wheel, according to preliminary data, was the Prosecutor of the city Berezovsky Andrey loshkariov. The man has passed the medical examination showed that he was sober.

Before the accident the boy allegedly suddenly ran across the road from-for standing cars. One of the witnesses stated that the child was knocked down on a pedestrian crossing.

In fact the incident is conducted preliminary examination, the severity of the victims received damages and technical condition of the car will appreciate in the course of forensic examination.