The Minister of education supported the ban of cell phones in the classroom

The Minister of education supported the ban of cell phones in the classroom

Mobile phones in school lessons interfere with the learning process: the students enough tablet with educational programs and interactive whiteboards, said today the Minister of education of Russia Olga Vasilyeva.

“As for the ban of iPhones like the lessons students — I think that the question is very complex. In my opinion, we have tablets in many schools, which ones are working and which enough to see the working material,” — said Vasilyev during the national parent-teacher meetings .

The Minister recalled that the prohibition or permission of mobile phones is the prerogative of each school, but she for a ban.

The school has the right to choose, but my deepest conviction that it interferes. Got a tablet, there are e-Board — why the phone to endlessly text me?Olga Vasiljeviene education of the Russian Federation

She noted that some schools put on the entrance “beautiful box”, in which children put the phones and only get after school. For emergency contact in such institutions is sufficient have a telephone teacher, said the Minister.

Ban mobile phones in schools — is a common international practice. For example, in the UK don’t allow cell phones in the majority of schools. According to The Guardian (2015 report), the ban improved the performance according to the results of tests on 16-year-old students by 6.4%, equivalent to an additional training week of the year. The 2016 study showed that students who were distracted by mobile alerts Facebook, significantly decreased the digestibility of even interesting material.