Spain will hire more wrestlers with drugs in anticipation of Brexit

Spain has announced the recruitment to the service for the fight against drugs in anticipation of a British exit from the European Union. About it reports Reuters.

Madrid has announced that in the national service for control over drug trafficking opened 40 vacancies.

In addition, Brussels said that the European medicines Agency (EMA), who is now in London and controlling the transportation and sale across the EU drugs having narcotic effect, after Brexit will leave the British capital.

At the moment in the Spanish service, drug enforcement employs 493 people. Madrid hopes that the new set will not only improve the quality of the work of this body, but also help Barcelona to claim the role of the city, which will house the new headquarters of the EMA.

According to the Agency, for the honor to host the Central body of the Agency are struggling in many countries. So, his annual budget is $ 360 million; in addition, the EMA employs about 900 people in as staff and regularly holds symposia and conferences, which attracts experts from around the world.