“People are ugly”: how fashion became ugly

“People are ugly”: how fashion became ugly

Why in Vogue tasteless things that hide dignity.

Retro jeans with high waist awkward, clumsy shoes if orthotic shop, a combination of assorted prints and things like cast-off: the main principle of modern fashion becomes the principle of “the weirder, the more fashionable”. Why the mods are insulting good taste, and when this ends, understood “Газета.Ru”.

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Tips from fashion magazines do not need anyone else: any fashionista knows, what combination of “millenials” pink, oversized bomber, mules, and crop tops. The answer — anything. The main glossy style icon Bella Hadid confirms denim shorts she wears with elegant hairpins, and everyone is excited. Same all up on a fashion pedestal gosh Rybchinskogo, creating emphatically ugly things, reminiscent of the early 90s in the collapse of the Soviet Union, when things were bought for growth, and was wearing what is (if you couldn’t get what you want). This is all very interesting — but very ugly. However, it seems that we have become accustomed — and now ready to wear sneakers with an elegant dress, to dress up to parties in sweatpants and pajamas, choose a jacket three sizes bigger than you need. What once seemed ugly now normal.

Ugly fashion is a trend. Fashion freaks — the new normal.

The fact that the streets and the compilations of photos from fashion weeks so many eccentric men and women, is easily explained. In the era of digital revolution, when people spend more time maintaining the image in social networks and race for trends, the most important is to emphasize their own individuality.

Fear of unnoticed leads many to despair

We are ready for any experiments, just to stand out. As a result, the streets there are crowds of people in ridiculous clothes, convinced that their style is unique.


The basis of the desire to dress more strangely, fear and disgust towards the mainstream. As explained by the publication of a Fashionista analyst at Trendera Megan Collins, who is studying the trends of different generations, modern people are most afraid to look ordinary. “We live in a world in which our life is constantly on the mind. We don’t want to see around us the same as everyone. Moreover, we are seriously puzzled by the creation of the brand identity, which will be unique and will have prospects. If someone will carry your belongings to the category of the base, it destroys your entire brand and everything you worked so hard,” she says. Collins notes that more and more people now dress for myself, so the choice of new things in the shop are suitable with caution, because things will reflect their personality.

“Everyone wants something individual is special, unique, and as a result, we become more narcissistic than ever.”