Media: Russia to offer UN ban on cyber weapons


Russia can offer the UN a set of rules prohibiting the use of cyber weapons, however before that you need to achieve legal certainty in this sphere, said the coordinator safer Internet centre URVAN Parfentiev.

“This agreement would set out the acceptable rules of the game for States. Here’s the cyber weapon cannot be used. These are software and hardware tools aimed at disabling enemy’s equipment. Ideally, it should bring down it economic facilities — this may affect even hospitals. Now there is legal uncertainty”, — quotes the expert

According to parfentyev, the use of cyber weapons can be compared to the armed attack and sabotage.

“But lawyers are the exact definitions can not give. Need to bring in this area in order. We have grown to accept the document at the UN,” he said.

The expert stressed that the draft Convention should also address the questions of “hackers in uniform”.

“It will not affect petty crimes, and regulate behavior in cyberspace entire countries,” — said Parfentiev.

Earlier, a group of experts led by Elon Musk warned the UN about the threat of robotic weapons.