Living human microbes turned into music

Living human microbes turned into music

American scientists cultivated in a nutrient medium of the microorganisms that comprise the human microbiome, and turned the result into music. To do this, scientists analyzed the location, size and density of colonies using a special algorithm.

Job description and sound track can be streamed on the official website of the project Biota Beats.

The human microbiota is the aggregate of living in different parts of the human body of microorganisms.

According to various estimates, there are at least tens of trillions, are called numbers up to 100 trillion. They live on the skin, in the mouth, blood, gastrointestinal tract, genitalia.

The work was conducted by biologists led by David Kong of MIT. They took samples from their own skin of the feet, navels, armpits, mouth and genitals. Then, the microorganisms were planted on a large Cup with a nutrient medium, which was divided into sectors, each of which corresponded to his body parts. The grown colonies were photographed and turned into music by means of the algorithm, details of which biologists are not disclosed.