Iranian police have covered hundreds of pigeons-couriers

Iranian police confiscated a hundred pigeons, which were used for drug smuggling. On Tuesday, August 29, reported IRNA.

Cops found the birds during a Federal drug RAID in Kermanshah province in the West of the country. According to guards, the use of pigeons in drug-trafficking is a relatively new phenomenon. Packed in small boxes of drugs were attached to the legs of birds, which spread them throughout the province.

In may, customs officials in Kuwait caught a carrier pigeon with which drug dealers ferrying drugs from Iraq. In the backpack attached to the back of a bird, was 178 pills. Feathered was caught when he flew near the customs building.

In early 2011 the attention of the Colombian police drew a pigeon, which could not rise into the air and fly away. It turned out that the back of a bird attached to the bag with 45 grams of marijuana, which he had to deliver the prison of Bucaramanga.