Inhabitants of the Ulyanovsk region went on a hunger strike in the administration of the region

Inhabitants of the Ulyanovsk region, protesters against construction in the region of the Chinese plant, staged a hunger strike at the entrance to the local administration. This was told radio station “Moscow speaking” the Deputy of the state Duma Alexey Chicken involved in the action.

“It was an attempt by force of people to push from the guards, but the people remained. Call an ambulance the two women, the assistance provided, but like anyone yet, didn’t break anything,” — said the MP.

According to him, representatives of the regional administration “nervous, tried to arrange a brawl, a fight,” the police situation has not yet intervened. Chicken added that the Governor of the region Sergey Morozov in the workplace was not, and he has ignored the protesters.

As told to the MP, residents ‘ discontent caused by the attempt to build a Chinese cement plant “Anhui conch” in the resort area of Teren’gul’skoe district. Before coming to the administration building a week they were starving, in the place where should appear the enterprise.

“Today, almost 4 thousand signatures collected against it and 10 thousand settlement, despite the pressure and coercion by the district administration and officials of different levels,” — said the Deputy.

As noted, in July, activists delivered a joint letter against construction of a plant in the administration of the President of Russia.