In the US Professor fired for explaining the hurricane “Harvey” karmic retribution

The University of Tampa in the U.S. state of Florida has fired a Professor, to explain the hurricane effect of the laws of karma. It is reported by Fox 32.

The reason was a tweet that teacher Ken story (Ken Storey) has placed in his microblog. He said: “I don’t believe in instant karmic retribution, but something similar seems to have happened with Texas. I hope this will help them to realize that the Republican party spit on them”.

In response to another Twitter user reminded that the Professor teaches in a state that like Texas, voted for Donald trump during the elections of the President, and said, “well, it turns out that we also deserve the karmic retribution?” Stori gave a definite answer: “Yes, those who voted for him, no doubt, deserve.”

The next day, the Professor deleted the account, placing the post with an apology, which explained that no one desires evil, and expressed the hope that all affected by the hurricane will soon be well. Then he erased it, and then completely deleted his account. He later explained that succumbed to the spur of the moment and allow anger to overwhelm him.

However, the University fired him because of his post “did not reflect the values that are committed to the University.” According to the rector, this decision has largely been the result of a wave of outrage among the parents of students, students themselves and the teaching staff. One of his colleagues, Hemant Rastogi, said: “Ken’s story is an idiot, his views do not reflect the views of other teachers that understand the difference between political differences and natural disasters”.

Hurricane “Harvey” hit the Texas on the night of 26 August. First, he appropriated the fourth category of danger, but gradually it decreased to a tropical storm. In the disaster killed 30 people.