In Germany, the Russian was charged with attempted murder of 28 people

Prosecutors in the German city of Dortmund was charged with the attempted murder of 28 people a man who is a citizen of Russia and Germany. On Tuesday, August 29, reports Deutsche Welle.

28-year-old suspect named Sergei also charged with causing bodily harm to two people (of the same 28) and illegal acquisition of explosives.

In April, before the match Borussia Dortmund against Monaco in the Champions League on the route of the bus of the German football club detonated three bombs. The result was wounded team defender Marc Bartra and police. “Russian service Bi-bi-si” reminds that the explosive device stuffed with striking elements was placed near the road which was driving the bus.

According to investigators, the Russians assumed that as a result of explosions Dortmund will lose their leading players and the football club will fall in price. “Sergey V., to put on the stock shorting tens of thousands of euros, hoping to capitalize on the problems of “Borussia”. However, the club’s shares has not collapsed, earn a large sum had not happened, and he was able to find thanks to a suspicious rate,” writes Deutsche Welle.

As previously reported TASS, the police found that the man before the attack bought through the Internet option on 15 thousand shares of the club, having spent 78 thousand euros (the money was borrowed). In the case of a significant fall in the value of securities, he could earn up to four million euros.

The suspect was detained April 21 — 10 days after the attack. He is under arrest, does not recognize his guilt.

According to “Sport-Express”, Sergei V. — the native of Russia, who worked in Germany.