In Casablanca they arrested the accomplice of terrorists Barcelona

Police in the Moroccan city of Casablanca have arrested a suspect in the supply of gas cylinders to the jihadists who committed in mid-August double bombing in Catalonia. On Tuesday, August 29, reports Reuters.

As noted, the terrorists before the attack on 17 August was approximately 120 canisters of butane, which they planned to use for a major terrorist attack using bombs. On the eve of the planned attack in the house in Alcanar, where he kept the cans exploded, several potential terrorists were killed, and survivors August 17, carried out a terrorist attack in Barcelona.

The Agency source did not disclose details of the arrest of an accomplice of the terrorists.

August 17, in Las Ramblas in Central Barcelona minibus ran over a pedestrian. Some time later, on the Diagonal Avenue, the car hit several police. The same evening in the town of Cambrils is another group of terrorists tried to attack in the Barcelona scenario. There among the victims were Russian. According to the latest data, as a result of the incident killed 16 people.

According to law enforcement agencies in a terrorist cell that is behind these attacks were 12 people. Four were arrested, five of them, including the main suspect Younes of Abuakwa, is eliminated.