From the bites of wasps in Moscow suffered 19 pupils of the kindergarten

In Moscow from the bites of wasps suffered a 19 pupils of the kindergarten № 2680, located on Yerevan streets. This was reported by TASS source in the medical services of the city on Tuesday, August 29.

The attack of insects occurred when the children were on a walk. Also injured two teachers.

After medical examination and first aid kindergartners conveyed to parents. Is set, where exactly in pre-school institutions came from wasps.

On 28 August two pupils of a kindergarten in Samara ended up in the hospital with signs of poisoning. One of them was placed in intensive care. Upon an event organized pre-investigation checks.

In March 2016 ten children were injured in a fire in a private kindergarten in the city of Yekaterinburg. One child received burns to the hands, the rest was a suspicion on poisoning with burning products. In the room where they were presumably lit up the sofa. For children there watched four grown women.