“Communists of Russia” decided to stop their hunger strike

Members of the party “Communists of Russia” stop the hunger strike, which began two weeks ago due to the withdrawal of their candidates from the elections to the legislative Assembly of North Ossetia. This was reported on the website traffic on Tuesday, August 29.

“The Supreme court finally took our party from the elections of the Parliament of North Ossetia”, — explained the decision of the leader of the party Maxim suraykin.

According to him, the hunger strike was attended by over 40 of the Communists. “The health of many hungry seriously undermined some of them were in the process of the hunger strike hospitalized, most of the needs now in long — term treatment and supervision of doctors,” he said.

The Politburo ordered all party members to stop hunger strike and to engage in the election campaign, noted on the organization’s website. According to RIA Novosti, “Communists of Russia” also decided to withdraw his lawsuit on the removal of the party list of the Communist party from the elections in this region.

August 11 leaders of the Communist party announced its intention to start from the middle of the month an indefinite hunger strike in its Moscow office due to the fact that the Stavropol regional court recognised as invalid the signatures on the statements of consent to run 42 previously registered candidates, including Suraykin.

A few days after the start of the campaign arrived on call ambulance hospitalized member of the Politburo of the party of Alexander Podzorov in connection with a suspected recurrence of pancreatitis. Suraykin then promised that he would “starve to death”.