Caught smuggling a former Chairman of the Central Bank was afraid to return to Russia

Sergei Aleksashenko

Economist Sergei Aleksashenko, in the 1990s, the years held the post of first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank will refrain from returning to Russia to clarify the situation with allegedly brought against him a criminal case. He said this on air of “Echo of Moscow”.

“If I uttered the phrase “criminal case”, then, apparently, someone thinks about it. I’d rather avoid the danger that I can foresee,” said Aleksashenko.

The former official noted that the lawyers did not confirm the information on initiation of proceedings against him, but at the same time refused to talk about the events that could lead to criminal prosecution.

According to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, earlier in August, Aleksashenko was detained by customs officials at Domodedovo airport while attempting to take US to the state awards — various awards of the USSR. It was explained that experts had been estimated at 760 thousand rubles.

A source in law enforcement agencies reported to “Interfax” that in respect of an economist, a criminal case under article about contraband of cultural values, but after taking orders he was released, and he flew to the United States. Himself a former official on August 23 confirmed that for two weeks outside of Russia.

Aleksashenko in the 1990s has held the positions of Deputy Minister of Finance and first Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia. From Central Bank officials resigned in September 1998 after the August default, which led to the economic crisis.