Caught in prostitution employee of the interior Ministry blamed it on a friendly draw

Employee of the interior Ministry, detained yesterday in Moscow for prostitution, said they found in her bag intimate items were planted friend. On Tuesday, August 29, reports the Telegram-channel Mash.

“It’s a prank like this, she’s hilarious-fun!” the woman stated during the interrogation.

“Moskovsky Komsomolets” notes that parents living in one of villages of the Balakovo district of the Saratov region, she also said that the intimate objects found not her, but a friend. Relatives were confident that before April 2018 on maternity leave police officer earns in the capital of the receptionist. Clarifies that she has repeatedly offered to return to work in the bodies of internal Affairs, but she wasn’t keen.

The woman was arrested in downtown Moscow yesterday. She had a large number of contraceptives and items of intimate purpose, as well as the identity of the police officer. It turned out that she works at intermunicipal Department of the MIA Balakovskiy Saratov region and currently is on leave to care for a child. Was drawn up a Protocol on administrative violation. Official inspection, the results of which she can be dismissed for committing the offense, defaming the honor and dignity of a police officer.