At the Moscow school moved the line to 4 September due to Eid al-Adha

The governing Board of the school N2107, located near Moscow’s Cathedral mosque, took the decision to postpone the gala range from 1 to 4 September, reports “Interfax”.

“At a meeting of the governing Council by a majority vote of the parents the decision was made to transfer a solemn ruler on the occasion of the beginning of the school year from 1 to 4 September. It is not about the transfer of the school year, but only about the solemn meeting, the school will operate as usual on 1 September,” — said the representative of the governing Board Maxim Makarov.

According to him, for most parents, it is more convenient if the range will be held Monday, September 4 as many 1-September is still not back from vacation.

Makarov added that the school 2107 N children, including those from Muslim families, and they would be more comfortable if September 1, they would be able to celebrate Eid al-Adha together.

He noted that the adopted educational institution decision there is no conflict.

Earlier it was reported that the three schools of Moscow, near the Cathedral mosque, for Eid can move solemn ruler.