A single day of voting — 2017: Sevastopol

Sevastopol residents will choose their Governor for the first time in history

© Sergey Maligawa/TASS

Never before since the Foundation of Sevastopol in 1783, the mayor is not elected in direct elections. In the Ukrainian period, the head of the city administration were appointed from Kiev. After the reunification with Russia, the first Governor Sergey menyaylo was chosen by the Legislative Assembly from among candidates proposed by the President of the Russian Federation.

In July of last year Vladimir Putin has appointed Menyailo his Ambassador to Siberia, and acting Governor of Sevastopol became the Deputy head of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Dmitry Ovsyannikov. He immediately said he was willing to go for direct elections, and was supported by appropriate changes to the city Charter.

In addition Ovsyannikova, nominated by “United Russia” in struggle for a post of the head of Sevastopol involved Roman Kiyashko from the Communist party, Ilya Zhuravlev from the LDPR Ivan Ermakov from the party “Patriots of Russia”, and Nikolay Kryazhev from the Communist party of social justice.

A lot of construction

The main tasks of the head of Sevastopol after returning to Russia was life support and safety of a new entity, joining the legal field of the Russian Federation, and these issues are resolved, said Daria Makowski, candidate of political Sciences, head of the Sevastopol regional branch of the Russian society of political scientists.