A single day of voting — 2017: Buryatia

In Buryatia will take place the first direct election of the head since 2002

© Elvira Burganova/TASS

In Buryatia election comes after the resignation of Vyacheslav Nagovitsyna 7 February 2017. The acting head of the Republic was appointed Alexey Tsydenov, born in Zabaykalsky Krai, hereditary railroad, earlier the Deputy Minister of transport of the Russian Federation, and before that, head of the Federal Agency for railway transport of the Russian Federation.

In addition Tzudenova nominated by the political party “United Russia”, the election Commission has registered two candidates. He is the coordinator of the Buryat regional branch of LDPR Sergey Dorosh and member of the regional branch of the party “Communists of Russia” Battali Baldaev. Another policy — the Senator from the Irkutsk region Vyacheslav Marhaeva, who is the first Secretary of the Buryat regional branch of the Communist party, the electoral Commission refused to register due to the lack of signatures of municipal deputies and heads of municipalities.