A Brazilian court has forbidden to dig on Amazon

Brazilian court banned the development of the natural resources of the Amazon. About it reports Reuters.

A Federal judge Rolando of Walker Spagnolo blocked the decision of President Michel Temer, who allowed mining in the North of the Amazon. According to the judge, to make such a decision under the Constitution to Congress. The state office of public Prosecutor has already declared that will appeal.

24 Aug Michel Temer has issued a decree according to which was allowed mining in a protected area of Amazon rainforest — RENCA. There, according to preliminary estimates, there are huge reserves of copper. The intention of the President, this would give a boost to the economy and create many jobs.

The decision has caused mass protests of activists, politicians and environmentalists. Since 1984, the Amazon, the area of which reaches 46 thousand square kilometres are under protection of the state. Any extraction of minerals there is prohibited.