73 Cambodian seamstresses simultaneously fainted

In Cambodia 73 textile factory workers Berry simultaneously fainted while working. It is reported by the Cambodian news online portal Fresh News.

All the victims were taken to hospitals. It is noted that the doctors diagnosed them with the same symptoms: nausea, dizziness, palpitations. Their condition is estimated as stable.

The company at this point employs two thousand people. After the incident, authorities closed the factory until the reasons.

Berry releases the products of the brand H&M, said RIA Novosti.

In 2011, this same factory had a similar mass loss of consciousness. Then fainted 200 people. The cause of the incident, the doctors and representatives of public organizations called the stuffiness and heat in the shops, not equipped with ventilation systems. There has been speculation about what the accident in the shops in the air got some sort of chemical. Officially, the exact cause of the incident and was not named.

In Cambodia there are dozens of companies making clothing to order of famous brands. It is noted that the conditions in most of these factories are extremely heavy.