“Yandex” has explained the loss of Sakhalin and promised to return it on the card

“Yandex” has explained the disappearance of Sakhalin island from their maps. On Tuesday, August 29, informs radio “Moscow speaking”.

By words a press-the Secretary of the Corporation Dmitry Gorchakov, the problem was associated with the updating service. Because of the failure region was not displayed on the maps at some scales, but it is visible on satellite images and hybrid layer. “We’ve already fixed: Sakhalin will come back and appear in the mobile and web version of the service”, — he promised.

Gorchakov added that the failure did not affect location-based services, since they get the coordinates directly from the user’s device. At the time of writing the news the problem was not resolved.

Previously, users noticed that the island no longer shows up on some maps, and by the time it coincided with the launch of North Korean missiles towards Japan. Sakhalin was seen at the maximum distance (three thousand kilometres per centimetre) in the scale of a thousand, 600 and 200 kilometers, inches he was lost and reappeared only in the further approximation.