Vladimir Putin will hold a goal setting lesson

Vladimir Putin will hold a goal setting lesson

The President and the onf will talk with students about the future.

As it became known “Kommersant”, the President Vladimir Putin plans September 1 to conduct an open lesson in one of schools of Yaroslavl. This was confirmed by “b” in presidential administration (AP). The head of state is not the first time attends school in Day of knowledge. Has decided to celebrate also the Pro-presidential movement, the popular front, which organizes the lesson titled: “Russia looking into the future”. It will be held in 1 thousand schools in 85 regions and to involve in it want athletes, artists and members.

September 1, Vladimir Putin may hold an open lesson for pupils, which will be broadcast in other regions, said the interlocutor of Kommersant, close to the AP. President waiting in Yaroslavl, but the schedule of activities of the head of state traditionally has not been disclosed. A senior source “b” in the AP confirmed that the President plans to speak at one of the schools in the area.

According to another source “b” in AP, Russian President Vladimir Putin after a visit to a new school in Yaroslavl will take part in the forum “Future intellectual leaders of Russia”.

In the event, says the source “b” participate “talented students, which help to determine the future work of the representatives of high-tech companies such as Roscosmos, Rosatom, SIC Kurchatov Institute”.