Ural grandmother pitched in and repaired the road in his village

An elderly resident of the village of Sredniy bugalysh Krasnoufimskiy district of Sverdlovsk region chipped in 500 roubles for the truck with the rubble and repaired the street Zarechnaya. About it writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda in the Urals” on Tuesday, August 29.

In confirmation, in social networks, according to the newspaper, there were pictures of grandmothers with a shovels and helped them men, and the road with huge washouts. However, after the call of the journalist to the administration Krasnoufimsky district photos removed.

“In July 2017 road was in satisfactory condition, given the high rainfall amounts,” said officials. According to them, the money to repair roads in the middle Bogalusa and the surrounding area of this village stood out in 2016. This year the budget is not found.

14 July residents of Saratov has told about the holes in the asphalt on the street Technical that filled with a plaster figurines of cats and sprinkle on top of the sand. According to eyewitnesses, in a similar way, the road was repaired last year. At city hall this case is called the creativity of citizens and promised to repair the road as it should.

In may it was reported that the mayor of Vladimir Olga Deeva at the meeting with the residents explained the poor condition of roads in the city that the earth rejects the asphalt.