The season finale of Game of thrones has set a new record for hits

The premiere of the final episode of the seventh season of “Game of thrones” was watched by over 16 million viewers. About it reports The Verge.

12.1 million people watched the series “the Dragon and the Wolf” on HBO, another four million on online services. The publication notes that this episode not only beat the record of the series, but overthrew first place in the final horror of “the Walking dead” TV channel AMC, which has gathered at the TV screens of 11.35 million viewers.

In addition, the series broke the record for the duration of the episode lasted 80 minutes.

At the end of season HBO has offered its subscribers a new project, which will allow fans of “Game of thrones” to learn some more about the shooting process of the Saga.

“Game of thrones” aired on HBO since 2011. The literary basis of the fantasy Saga was the series of books “a Song of ice and fire” by American writer George Martin. The premiere of the penultimate, the seventh part of the series took place on 16 July. Next season will be the last.