The defense Ministry has declassified almost all cases of WWII period


RIA Novosti

Central archive of the Russian defense Ministry has declassified almost all the documents of the great Patriotic war. The secret remains only 0.02% of the documents, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the main document expert the archive media relations Victoria Kaevu.

“Central archive of leads planned work on the declassification of documents. To date, cases classified as “secret” were not so much. Just over two thousand,” said kaawa.

According to her, the archive contains about 10 million cases of times of the great Patriotic war. All of these documents previously had been classified “secret.” This was done for safety cases, regardless of the contained information.

In this part of the document, the archive still can not declassify yourself. This can only be done by a special expert Commission. The staff files go to it with proposals for the declassification of the most interesting documents that are of interest to the General public. Note that recently the defense Ministry has published on its website an archive of the Stalingrad battle.