Parents “drunk” the boy from the heading stated a claim for 10 million roubles

A civil suit for 10 million rubles as compensation of moral harm, said to the culprit of the accident with “drunk” boy from the heading his parents. On Monday, August 28, “Interfax” said a source familiar with the situation.

Officially this information has not yet been confirmed.

16 Aug victims refused the exhumation of the body of the deceased child. “There is no reliable information that it will give something, and to subject the family to such psychological test would be unnecessary,” said the family’s lawyer, Viktor Danilchenko.

Then the lawyer said that in the near future the results of a comprehensive examination to determine the cause of hit of alcohol in the blood of six year old boy.

On July 27, the Moscow regional court refused to release from custody a defendant in the case of an accident with “drunk” boy in Balashikha — the 31-year-old Olga Alisovo. A request to appoint her another preventive measure during the investigation, she explained the need to prepare a daughter for the new school year.

The court in beneficial stated that not guilty in the incident and denies that at the time of accident she was talking on the phone, what Jul 26, told reporters the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk. According to her, it was also found that beneficial was moving around the yard, where he was a hit with speeding.

23 April in the suburban town of Balashikha beneficial, driving a car Solaris, knocked down six year old boy in the yard. The car dragged him a few meters. After that, the father of the deceased child had received from the investigator, the conclusion of the forensic scientist that the blood of his son in the time of the accident had 2.7 per Mille of alcohol. The boy’s parents appealed to the Investigative Committee of Russia. 21 Jun examination conducted in a forensic investigation Department, confirmed the conclusion of this study.