On “Yandex.Maps” after the rocket launch in North Korea has gone Sakhalin

The service “Yandex.Card” does not appear to Sakhalin island. The disappearance coincided with the launch of North Korea missiles in the direction of Japan, reports RIA Novosti.

The island appears on the map at the maximum distance (3000 miles), disappears when you increase the map (scale of 1000, 600 and 200 miles) and reappears with a further approximation. The failure is on the map, while satellite and hybrid maps no problems.

A bug that appeared in the area 02:00 GMT, as of 04:15 GMT recorded as in the desktop version in different browsers and in mobile apps for iOS and Android.

On the night of August 29, North Korea launched a missile that flew over Japanese territory and fell in 1180 kilometers from Cape Erimo of Hokkaido. The range was 2.7 thousand kilometers. Twitter users expressed surprise, how could one “miss by a whole country.”