Named the main danger of the abuse of salt

Named the main danger of the abuse of salt

Professor Pekka, Jousilahti from the National Institute of health and welfare (Finland) the conference of the European society of cardiology (Barcelona, Spain) described the main danger of excessive salt intake. About it reports The Independent.

Jousilahti, and his colleagues have shown that drinking more than 13.7 grams of salt a day, two times increases the risk of developing heart failure, compared to those who in food daily, uses less than 6.8 grams of sodium chloride.

The study, which lasted for 12 years, involved over 4.5 thousand of men and women aged 25 to 64 years. To determine the salt used in the urine.

The world health organization recommends the daily use of no more than five grams of salt per day. It is noted that reducing salt intake to five grams per day each person can prevent approximately 2.5 million deaths annually. According to the organization, more than half of all people on the planet are consumed daily at 80-140 percent of sodium chloride more.

The excess of salt that enters the human body mainly together with bread, cereal and ready to eat dishes.