Media: the police of the Stavropol region banned to go to bars and restaurants


Head of research Affairs in the Stavropol territory the General-the Lieutenant of police Alexander Oldak has signed the order forbidding his subordinates to go to bars and restaurants on the weekends.

About it writes “Газета.Ru” with reference to the relevant internal order No. 656 “On additional measures to improve the level of combat readiness and strengthening of office discipline”.

Also, the management units required to carry out the instructions with his subordinates about the rules of conduct in your free time.

August 14 in the state traffic Inspectorate proposed a ban on the traffic police during the conversation with the participants of traffic to be rude, to speak in a dismissive tone, as well as Smoking.

The head of the Moscow police trade Union, Mikhail Pashkin in an interview with NSN said that the leadership of the traffic police ought to pay more attention to the road and not into Smoking officers.