In the Public chamber, told about the work of volunteers in Russia

In the Public chamber, told about the work of volunteers in Russia

MOSCOW, 29 Sep — RIA Novosti. More than 90% of volunteers in Russia are willing to work without incentives, but their presence stimulates to give this thing more time, according to the results of nationwide research, summed up the Public chamber (OP) of the Russian Federation.

From 21 July to 15 August OP of the Russian Federation jointly with VTSIOM conducted a sociological research among volunteer organizations and volunteers of charities to find out what would like to have volunteers for participation in volunteer activities. The study involved almost 6 thousand persons, informs a press-service of public chamber.

The study showed that additional promotion is not a motive for doing volunteering the vast majority of respondents. More than 90% received incentives said that the lack of gifts or Acknowledgements not forced them to abandon their classes. However, 2/3 noted that if incentives were more, it would encourage them to do more volunteering.The press service of the OP of the Russian Federation

The study showed that by far the most common promotion is a of gratitude and Souvenirs: they were received by 54% of respondents. However, volunteers are more interested in other support activities, e.g., recreation, new knowledge and education, benefits and support in obtaining additional education — so say 58% of the respondents.

As specified in the OP of the Russian Federation, according to the study, typical volunteer is a girl, 17-24 years old, in the first place its interests should help the animals and 82%, in second place — social services (79% of volunteers).

“Our research shows that promotion is a positive incentive. Their absence has little effect on the motivation of volunteers, but if they do, it inspires more intense work. Based on this study and the information we received from the regional public chambers and public authorities, will be prepared a special report to the government with proposals for mechanisms of moral encouragement of the volunteers,” said co-Chairman of the Board of the Association of volunteer centres, member OP the Russian Federation Artem Metelev.