Canadian weaponize arrested one of the most wanted criminals of the United States

Haofan Of Secunda

Canadian police patrol on bicycles arrested one of the most wanted American criminals. The details of the story leads CTV News on Tuesday, August 29.

The guards patrolling the streets of Montreal by Bicycle, arrested two people on suspicion of drug possession. One of them tried to run but was quickly caught. When the fugitive asked him to name himself, he handed custody order American passport. The police suspected that the passport was fake, and sent the detainee to the cell.

At the time of fingerprinting, the police noticed that the man lacks the tip of your finger. After checking his identity, they found that in the hands of him landed a native of Laos Haofan of Secunda nicknamed Kao is one of the most wanted criminals USA. American police unsuccessfully tried to catch him since 2005 on suspicion of drug trafficking.

Under the guidance of Secunda — especially dangerous criminal, have repeatedly threatened the authorities and could be armed. For information about his whereabouts was declared a reward of 25 thousand dollars.

Now Sedanthe facing extradition to the US.