The UN has accused Austria of a dislike for the refugees

The office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees accused Austria in carrying out xenophobic policies ahead of parliamentary elections to be held in October 2017. About it reports Reuters.

“In recent years, Austria has achieved a lot in taking refugees, caring for them and integrate them into society, said in a statement the Agency. — However, at the same time my concern over xenophobic debates and emerging trends of exclusion against migrants. We call on all democratic parties to take responsibility to debate and focus on what unites rather than divides people.”

What party aroused the indignation of the officials of the United Nations, the text does not say. Meanwhile, almost all major political forces in Austria used in the election propaganda about refugees. So, with a sharply anti-immigrant position is supported by the Austrian freedom party led by Heinz-Christian strache. Although its influence decreases, this is due to the fact that its slogans was largely intercepted by the Austrian peoples party, member of the ruling coalition. The leader of the party, 31-year-old foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, has repeatedly criticized the Muslim kindergartens, claiming that they in the country, “formed a parallel society.”

Even the Social democratic party of Austria, traditionally pays more attention to economic issues in the debate ahead of the October elections, a significant place was given to the migration issue. In particular, the social Democrats promise to strengthen control at the borders of the country. Earlier, the party passed a law prohibiting the wearing of the burqa Austria.

During the migration crisis of 2015, the country became one of the countries through which refugees made their way to Germany and Scandinavia. In total, she received 90 thousand migrants — more than percent of the population. In March 2017 when the new quotas for refugees Vienna said that the intention to use them to his country.