The Ministry of culture has proposed to radically change the rules of the film

The Ministry of culture has proposed to radically change the rules of the film

Distributors who do not pay into the state film Fund of 5 million rubles per screening at least one film in Russian cinemas may lose the right to distribute in our country, all other paintings, to the draft amendments to the law on cinematography, published on the website of the state acts. This project has been prepared by the Ministry of culture.

The new rules radically change the regulation of distribution in Russia. Now pay only 3500 rubles for the rental license. If the project will, in addition to the distribution certificate distributors will need to pay the one-time fixed fee of 5 million rubles for one movie. Russian films this payment fully compensated from the same Fund movie.

In fact, this payment is only for release in Russia of foreign cinema. The collection need to clean up the rental from a low budget foreign movie and get more money for the production of Russian films, explained in the spring the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

In the Russian hire too many Hollywood pictures are not the best quality, they take the viewer from a Russian movie, he explained. There will be more sessions for Russian cinema, supported the Minister, the managing Director of the state cinema Fund Anton Malyshev.

On the initiative of the Ministry of culture became known in January, it caused a lot of complaints of the distributors, producers and Directors: they warned that the rental place will disappear high-quality foreign art films.

Last week, Medina said that will bring the project to the government. Two members of culture, then, told “Vedomosti” that the officials listened to the views of the industry and made in the draft an exception for films that are not more than 100 screens. Big premiere out on over 1000 screens. It would leave on the screens of culturally significant foreign film, agreed by producer Sergey selianov.