The interior Ministry has proposed to change the rules of journey of crossroads with a circular motion

The interior Ministry of Russia proposed to change the rules of journey of intersections with circular motion. Prepared in the office of the project published on the portal of projects of normative acts.

In particular, the rules of the road is proposed to add the following paragraph: “At the entrance to the intersection, which organized circular movement indicated by the sign of 4.3 (while crossing the road equivalent — approx. “Of the”), the driver of a vehicle shall give way to vehicles travelling at such a crossroads.”

The authors necessitate the amendment “the ambiguity of the perception by drivers of existing rules, leading to the formation of traffic jams and Commission dorozhno-transport incidents”. According to the current order of priorities when crossing such intersections are set arbitrarily.

The interior Ministry said that the proposed scheme established “in almost all European countries” and its adoption would lead to increasing the capacity of the streets.

On 14 August it was reported the new draft of the administrative regulations governing the communication between traffic cops and drivers. According to this document, the inspector of traffic police it is forbidden to smoke and be rude when talking with citizens. In addition, traffic police will have “their demands and observations to present in a convincing and understandable manner, eliminating the possibility of erroneous or ambiguous understanding them”.