The German nurse-the murderer was suspected in 84 killings

In Germany the nurse, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of patients, is suspected in 84 such crimes. On Monday, August 28, stated in the German police, The Local reports.

40-year-old Niels Hagel (Niels Hoegel) was in prison in February 2015 for the murders of the two patients lying in the ICU of the hospital Delmenhorst in the North of the country. He was also found guilty of attempts on the lives of three more people.

Law enforcement said that after the exhumation and analysis of remains of other patients, the investigators found evidence about 84 murders. If the involvement of the suspect to these crimes is confirmed, then, as writes the edition, it will be “one of the worst serial killers in the history of Germany.”

According to the Local, the man admitted what he did about 90 patients injected with a lethal dose of medication. The purpose of his actions to bring people back to life, to grow in the eyes of colleagues. Hagel said that was euphoric when his plan was a success, and the devastation in the event of failure. Every time the health care provider promised myself to stop.

After these confessions, the police and the Prosecutor’s office created a special Commission called “Cardio”, to study other cases of death of patients. Associated Press said that was exhumed the remains of people who were treated in two Mauritanian in nearby Delmenhorst and Oldenburg.

According to the police, number of homicides may be higher because some of the alleged victims was cremated.