The defense Ministry has declassified documents of the Wehrmacht about the battle of Stalingrad


RIA Novosti

The Russian defense Ministry has published historical materials connected with the battle of Stalingrad. About it reported in a press-service of the Ministry of defence. The text is published on the Agency’s website.

“On the official website of the Russian defense Ministry […] launched a multimedia section with unique archival documents, reflecting the initial stage of this (the battle of Stalingrad — approx. Rambler) bloody battles of the great Patriotic war. Recently declassified documents of the Central archive of the Russian defense Ministry will tell users the official website of the military Department of the unparalleled heroism of the defenders of the city, on the measures taken to save the population and the evacuation of industrial equipment”, — stated in the message.

The statement noted that the special interest of the audience will cause the documents detailing the combat actions of the assault groups in urban combat. The first such group was established in the troops defending Stalingrad. Among the documents published for the first time, the manuscript text of the telegram Konstantin Rokossovsky in the headquarters of the Supreme Commander, dated 31 January 1943, the capture of the commander of the German 6th army of Friedrich Paulus. In addition, on the Agency’s website presents the materials of the German command of the fighting in Stalingrad.

Battle of Stalingrad — a turning point battle in the Second world war that took place from 17 July 1942 to 2 February 1943. The battle is considered one of the bloodiest in the history of mankind: the loss of the Soviet army are estimated at 479 thousand, 300 thousand, allies of the Germans (the Italians, Romanians, Hungarians, Croats) — 200 thousand people. Victims among local population are estimated at tens of thousands of people.