Syrian migrants told about the ISIS terrorists among refugees

Syrian journalist who fled from captivity of militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) said that among the refugees in Europe, there are militants. About it reports The Local.

The corresponding statement Massoud Aqeel has made in his new book, “Among us: how I escaped from torture in Syria, but they still got me here.” In her 24-year-old man tells how the half lived in the thrall of Islamists, where he was tortured, beaten and dragged from cell to cell. He was released in exchange for several militants, and he was granted asylum in Germany. Akil argues, however, that in the country under the guise of refugees and the jihadists who are not shy in social networks wrong to threaten dire punishments.

“It’s not the smartest people,” he said, and advised the German guards carefully check the documents for newly arrived migrants. According to him, migrants can lose documents, but most often a statement about the loss of the right papers indicate criminal motives.

On 21 July, The Guardian reported on the list of Interpol, containing 173 potential militant terrorist group “Islamic state”, which can organize terrorist attacks in Europe. The list of potential suicide bombers were drawn up by the American scouts, due to the data that they got from Syria and Iraq. Further, this information was passed to the FBI and from Interpol.

German authorities for a long time argued that among the refugees is no terrorist.