Prilepin has threatened war in the Donbass Russian actor



Zakhar Prilepin recommended that the actor Anatoly Pashinin, entered into the Ukrainian volunteer army, not to meet his unit in battle. The words of the writer leads the national news service.

“I’m not familiar with Malininym, but it is a personal choice. I sincerely would recommend him not to meet with my unit in battle,” said Park.

Russian actor Anatoly Pashinin, known for his roles in the films “We are from the future” and “Admiral”, joined the ranks of the Ukrainian security forces in July 2017. Independence Day of Ukraine, August 24, the actor was at the front, where, according to him, the festival “has a real unique taste”, and “blood and heroism — real”.

Pashinin moved to Ukraine in 2014 after the coup. The actor from the very beginning of the protests supported the actions of activists of the Maidan. Pashinin has repeatedly advocated a military solution to the crisis in the Donbass. Zakhar Prilepin is fighting on the side of the self-proclaimed militia Donetsk national Republic (DND) in the rank of major in the us army.

The writer stated that the decision of an actor to participate in the armed conflict in Ukraine does not cause him personal respect, however, distinguishes the actor from many other “armchair experts”.

The armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine began in spring 2014, after the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk regions refused to recognize the legitimacy of the coup in Kiev.

Ukrainian authorities for the suppression of mass popular demonstrations announced the so-called anti-terrorist operation (ATO). According to the United Nations (UN), in the fighting killed about 9.5 thousand people. Kiev has repeatedly accused Moscow of providing financial and military supporting militias breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk national republics (DND and LNR). In the Kremlin deny the charges and claim that Russia is not a party to the conflict.