Police of Khabarovsk became interested in the abuse of the taxi driver over the girls

Police of Khabarovsk began a preliminary examination after appearing in the Internet a video in which a taxi driver of forcing the two girls to wash the green face. About it RIA Novosti on Monday, August 28, said the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the Khabarovsk region.

“The video that we got, there are signs of illegal actions, — said the Agency interlocutor. — The personalities of the girls, the taxi driver and other participants of the video”.

The record shows, as the man at the taxi pours green paint in the palm of the girl and makes her wash, the second girl’s face is already smeared with green paint. Beside the car stands another man, another man filming the scene on video.

Men laugh and joke that the girls will get on YouTube. One of them notices that the girls need to Vyazemsk, a small town two hours ‘ drive from Khabarovsk, and they “travel without money”.

Girl forced to wash the green paint, the cries, the second hides stained face in the collar of the shirt.

According to reports, the girls were forced to wash green paint, as they had no money for the fare.