Petersburger asked under arrest for the sake of getting rid of the binge

A resident of St. Petersburg who had failed to pay alimony, will spend five days in administrative detention. About it reports a press-service of the regional Department of the Federal bailiff service.

Man for a long time have not transferred money for the maintenance of his daughter, resulting in a debt in the amount of 200 thousand rubles. The alimony was the Protocol, the court sentenced him to 150 hours of obligatory works.

After a few days, the debtor asked the bailiff to replace this punishment with arrest, explaining that she suffered from alcoholism and can not work, and the provisional imprisonment, in his opinion, will help him to get out of the binge. The bailiff has promoted, reaching the other Protocol in connection with the refusal from serving of obligatory works. “At the hearing the citizen arrived with a package of things and in a good mood”, — noted in UFSSP.

Once the court has appointed the man to five days in jail, relatives of St. Petersburg thanked the bailiff. “They reported that a citizen wants to start financial to help his daughter, but he needs to overcome alcohol dependence”, — concluded the Agency.

In April it was reported that the CPS has recorded a decrease by more than a third (36 percent) in the number of patients with alcoholism, for the first time taken on clinical supervision. The number of patients with alcoholism, consisting on the account in medical-preventive organizations decreased by 24 percent.