More details emerged about the identity of the suspect in the assault case in Turku

Employees of Finnish police have identified the man who attacked passers-by with a knife in Turku on August 18. This was reported on the website of the police Department of the country.

According to published information, the main suspect is a citizen of Morocco born in 1994. His real name in the interests of the investigation were not disclosed. Thus, according to the portal Yle, we are talking about the detainee informed the man who was presented by Abderrahmane Markaham. It was initially reported that he’s 18 years old, but it now appears that the name and date of birth are not real.

Currently the young man is in a prison hospital in hämeenlinna. On 22 August it was reported that he pleaded guilty, but denied that his actions were terrorist in nature.

August 18, armed with a knife Moroccan attacked passers-by in the centre of Turku. His victims were two women, several people were injured. Among the victims — the Finns, Swedes and Italians. Police opened fire on the attackers and wounded him in the leg, then he was arrested. In Turku the attack is being investigated under article “terrorism”.