In the Kremlin wound up scaring the pests Filin


The commandant of the Kremlin the General-Lieutenant FSO Sergey Khlebnikov said that the ornithological service purchased owl for pest control in the territory of the Moscow Kremlin.

“Noise complexes and other technical means, scaring Raven, we have, and they are periodically used, but more effective, as practice shows, is the use of natural enemies of crows, such as falcons and hawks… Now I can say that the Kremlin live and work not only the falcons, there are still hawks, and recently in the state of ornithological service of the Kremlin appeared the owl”, — quotes RIA Novosti words of Khlebnikov.

Khlebnikov added that the ornithological service operates in the Kremlin since the 1970-ies.

Earlier, the commandant of the Moscow Kremlin gave the bird the Falcon. Read more — in the photo RT.