Finland banned the sunset “Krusenstern” in your port

Finland refused to allow the Russian training sailing ship “Kruzenshtern” in Mariehamn, the main city of the åland Islands (an Autonomous part of the country with a demilitarized status). On Monday, August 28, the newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet.

As noted, the visit of the four-masted barque with 164 cadets on Board was planned for this month. TASS with reference to the publication said that in the Finnish port of sailing was going to go from 18 to 20 September.

Indicates that the visit of the Finnish foreign ship you need permission and, according to the newspaper, the General staff of the country decided not to give. “The Finnish authorities may be unhappy with the fact that Finnish warships are not allowed to enter the port demilitarized Islands, whereas foreign training ship with that did not have any difficulties”, — reports the Agency information Hufvudstadsbladet.

The representative of the Finnish Ministry of defence public relations Hamburg Henrik (Henrik Gahmberg) confirmed the TV channel “Star” the fact of the ban, but no details of have not led.

At the same time, Irina Obraztsova, head of the press service of the Baltic state Academy of fishing fleet (operates the ship), told TASS that the Russian side has not received official refusal.

In July, the “Kruzenshtern” was in the Finnish ports of Kotka and Turku in the framework of international sailing regatta The Tall Ships Races.

22 Aug Burke started the third flight navigation 2017. Swimming went more than 100 cadets, including girls, from seven educational institutions of Federal Agency for fishery (in particular from Kaliningrad, Astrakhan, Kerch). “Over a month sailboat needs to visit four foreign ports: Kiel, German, French Havre, the Polish Gdynia and the Finnish Mariehamn”, — noted in the message of the Baltic state Academy.

“Kruzenshtern” was launched in 1926, built at the shipyard in Germany. Then called “Padua”. In 1946 the ship was transferred on reparations to the property of the USSR and was renamed in honour of the seafarer Ivan Kruzenshtern. Made two world cruises and transatlantic expedition. The port of registry — Kaliningrad.